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After careful consideration and research, Leylands Learning Centre has selected Kids Gourmet Food as our preferred caterer for our children’s meals.

Kids Gourmet Food (KGF), established in 2002, is exclusively devoted to providing quality prepared meals to children aged 4 months to 6 years.

Using premium quality fresh ingredients from the markets, and prepared by a team of qualified chefs, they have designed a menu that is focused on nutrition, variety, child friendly flavours and quality. The menus focus on healthy home style cooking providing varied Australian and multicultural food styles. KGF is passionate about food education in the early years of a child’s development and the importance for children to have exposure to different ingredients and food styles.

The menus operate on a 6 week rotation and have been designed around the use of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, red meat, legumes and full cream dairy products. Sugar, salt and saturated fat are kept to an absolute minimum.

KGF menus have been certified by a renowned Childhood Nutritionist and Pediatric Dietician with the additional guidance of Nutrition Australia. The menus comply with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Get Up and Grow, Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the National Quality Standard.

All of these guidelines are vital to their menu development process, and their menusare continuously reviewed to ensure they meet criteria set by ACECQA to assist our centre in meeting National Quality Framework Assessment and Rating requirements.

Food hygiene and correct food handing techniques are also of peak importance. KGF production kitchen follows a comprehensive HACCP based food safety program. Food Safety Management Solutions regularly assess their processes and procedures ensuring effective management of food safety risks.

Sample Menu

A few of KGF’s many features

  • Exclusively devoted to the child care industry.
  • Freshly cooked meals, snap chilled to preserve quality and freshness. Not frozen.
  • Child friendly food, with age appropriate menus provided.
  • Daily delivery of food in a refrigerated van.
  • No nuts, nut products or egg products. Reducing allergy concerns for all children while in care.
  • Allergy, intolerance or cultural preference meal alternatives are provided.
  • KGF do not use ingredients containing msg, artificial colours or flavourings.
  • Our centre has a comprehensive listing of every meal and its ingredients.
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