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School Readiness Program

Prior to letter recognition program all children will focus on their names and the letters that make up their individual names. Activities involving name tags will occur daily along with matching, tracing and copying names and the individual letters which make up children’s names.

Prior to and alongside the letter recognition program children will engage in activities which are geared towards strengthening fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Activities which promote finger dexterity, manipulative skills and promote the development of a mature pencil grip whilst fostering concentration and attention skills will also be employed.

During letter focus weeks school readiness activities will centre around letter recognition and phonetics, both upper- and lower-case letters will be included as well as varied fonts. Educators will support children in identifying focus letters in their environments and collect items which have beginning focus sounds. The show and tell program will include a Search and Find component which will encourage children to find pictures or small items which support the focus letter program. Using the items which the children find educators will assist children to make up rhymes that incorporate their findings. To support the phonetics program the Letterland program will also be utilized in the form of CDs, books, songs and poems. The pc programs and activities which support the introduction of each focus letter will also be scheduled into the program so that each child is provided an opportunity to engage with technology each week.

School Readiness Program 2020

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